Welcome to Advanced Technologies for Novel Therapeutics (ATNT)

The first biotech company which develops novel cross-disciplinary engineering methods, to find the most effective molecular targets for treatment of complex human disorders.

Our Mission

Every year billions of dollars are spent in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, to discover novel therapeutic targets. We are the leading provider of a universal target discovery service, which significantly minimizes the research and development cost of finding the most effective therapeutic targets.

Company Profile

ATNT founders are well-recognized university professors whose areas of expertise encompass molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics, human genetics, animal models, systems biology and engineering disciplines. Our staff members are high profile experts in engineering and biology. In ATNT we have successfully developed novel tools and techniques, to identify the most important therapeutic targets in complex cellular networks. Using patented technologies, ATNT provides a unique service to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our service will provide a set of therapeutic targets that have the minimal chance of failure, therefore minimizes the time and cost of finding novel therapeutics.

Located at the heart of three leading biomedical and engineering academic institutions in University Heights, we bring together a unique team of scientists and engineers. We use advanced technologies and state of the art facilities to target the most promising molecules for treatment of complex human diseases.

Company Services

  • Services for Industry
  • Services for Academia (not-for-profit)

Identification of novel therapeutic targets

ATNT works with different pharmaceutical and biotech companies on their molecules of interest. Using a cross-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers, ATNT can identify enzymes and receptors that their function is critical to the function of that specific molecule.

Identification of alternative safe targets

A major obstacle to successful development of novel therapeutics is the toxicity of a compound. This toxicity is generally created because the molecules that are targeted by that compound have critical physiological functions. ATNT can offer a set of alternative molecular targets that can be targeted, to achieve similar functional outcomes, without having those side effects.

Molecular biology experiments

ATNT can perform a variety of molecular biology experiments, in vitro and in vivo, in addition to our engineering/computational target discovery technologies. We can also test the effect of different compounds on the activity level of target molecules in cell-based assays and animal models. Please contact us for your specific experimental needs.

Discovery of novel regulators of different molecules

ATNT can find novel regulators for your molecules of interest, using patented engineering and computational techniques. ATNT can also complement the findings by a variety of in vitro and in vivo experiments.

Function prediction of interconnected cellular pathways

Using engineering and systems biology tools, ATNT can predict the effect of different ligands and neurotransmitters and their receptors on the activity of their downstream molecules in large cellular networks. To confirm the predictions, ATNT also offers a variety of experiments, both in vitro and in vivo.

Careers at ATNT

ATNT accepts applications at different postdoctoral and scientist levels. Please submit your request electronically to HR@ATNT-USA.com.

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Advanced Technologies for Novel Therapeutics (ATNT)
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